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標題: 鳳梨釋迦等水果氣調貯運技術之研究
Study the Controlled Atmosphere Technology for Fruits
作者: 翁郁凱
關鍵字: 園藝;技術發展;controlled atmosphere;氣調;儲運;水果;handling;fruit
此研究之目的在於建立釋迦等水果貨櫃氣調貯運技術,以協助國內鳳梨釋迦等水果產品之儲運能力,擴大外銷產量,以增加農民收益。工作項目包括 1. 建立氣調式水果儲運試驗平台,可調節並監測儲存環境之溫度與氧氣氮氣二氧化碳等相關氣體濃度,並可長期監測水果呼吸速率。2. 進行鳳梨釋迦等水果之氣調儲運試驗,並建立品質評估指標。3. 評估各項儲運環境因子對水果運輸品質之影響性。

The propose of this project is to establish the controlled atmosphere container technology to enhance the storing ability for the pineapple -type Shakya and others fruits. It could promote the export quantity and increase the income of fruit farmers. The working items included: 1. to establish the controlled atmosphere storing and handling platform. The temperature, oxygen, nitrogen and CO2 concentration could be modified. The fruit respiration rate could be long-term monitoring, 2. to execute the controlled atmosphere storing and handling test with several fruits and set up the quality index. 3. the evaluation of the effect of controlled atmosphere storing and handling technology on the quality of fruits.
其他識別: 99農科-4.2.2-糧-Z1(8)
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