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標題: 綠色建築於畜牧產業應用之研究
The Study on the Application of Green Building to Animal Industry
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 農業機械類, 畜牧獸醫類;技術發展;Green Building;綠色建築;畜牧場;應用體系;Pasturage;Application System

In this project, foreign and local related informations of green building for animal industry will be fully and solidly collected. The domestic related experts will be invited to analyze and evaluate the collected informations. The probabilities of applications of advanced automatic technologies and green materials to buildings in animal industry will be discovered. The referred data or indexes of green building for animal industry buildings will be studied and planned. All the results of this project will be important referred materials for the future development of local animal industry. Two experts groups will be organized in this project. They will help to enforce the concept of green building to animal industry, and promote the effects of environmental quality and resources preservation for animal industry. It will significantly reduce the produced amount of CO2 and the waste of natural resources. The practice of green building to animal industry will establish the healthy and confortable environment. The future environment of animal industry will more closely meet the demands of animal welfare. The concept of green building is the fusion of the industry and environment. It will eventually make the animal industry to be sustainable.
其他識別: 99農科-2.1.5-牧-U1(1)
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