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標題: 皮蛋凝膠自動化檢測系統之開發及推廣
The Development and Promotion of the Automatic Pidan Gelling Inspecting System
作者: 鄭經偉
關鍵字: 技術發展;農業機械類, 畜牧獸醫類;Pidan;皮蛋;檢測;凝膠;Inspecting;Gelling
皮蛋為我國特有之農產品,年產值約可達六億元,惟皮蛋之成品仍依賴人工檢測,故將以所開發之皮蛋凝膠自動化檢測系統進行產學合作計畫,以提升國內農業自動化之水準。 本計畫將以所開發之皮蛋凝膠自動化檢測系統進行組裝,預計組裝三部,一部提供給鴨蛋皮蛋加工商,一部提拱給雞蛋皮蛋加工商,藉由各加工商實際操作,以了解系統設計與實際使用之差異,作為日後系統修正之參考。本檢測系統在開發期間已有許多加工商表達興趣與意願,因經費之關係,故提供第三部系統為各加工商於組裝工廠測試使用,期望可讓有意願之加工商參與測試與提供意見。為達成產學計畫之推廣目標,待測試完成後,將舉辦示範觀摩會以推廣本系統,完成計畫目標。 本計畫所研發之皮蛋凝膠自動化檢測系統可減少因傳統人工檢測所造成之職業傷害,並確保品質穩定,增加產業競爭力,預計將會使全台灣皮蛋加工業者受惠,幫助建立品牌形象與消費者信心,進而進軍國際市場。

Pidan is a special agricultural product in Taiwan; the annual output value is about 600million dollars, but the classification of Pidan production depend on manpower, so the automatic Pidan gelling inspecting system what was developed will be an Industry-university cooperation program for Enhance the level of domestic agricultural Automation. This project will fabricate the automatic Pidan gelling inspect system developed last year, the amount is three, the first one support a duck egg Pidan manufacturer, the other one provide with a chicken egg Pidan manufacturer, which process is exerted directly from the industrialists, therefore to understand the design of the system and difference of actual use, for future understanding of difference, reference and later on for correction. At the development of this system the industrialist will provide certain number of expressions and willingness, and because of the cost related issues, the third and last procedure will be directed to 3rd party industrialists and assembly factories for testing, it is hoped that these industries will be available for cooperation and later on can provide us with their thoughts. In order to achieve our goal and promotion, after the testing's completed, demonstration activities will be held to promote the system and reach the desired goals. The automatic Pidan gelling inspecting system, developed in this project, could reduce the occupational disease from traditional manual inspecting, and ensure the quality and stability, increase industrial competitiveness, It is expected to bring best benefits to Taiwan processing industries, build brand image and Consumer Confidence,later on to promote further into national market.
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