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標題: 微波輔助微藻油脂萃取技術之研發
Development of Microwave Assisted Extraction Technology for Lipid of Microalgae
作者: 尤瓊琦
關鍵字: 食品科技, 農業機械類;應用研究
微藻(Microalgae)為一良好之產油生物,其生長過程中,可利用光合作用將二氧化碳固定並轉化成油脂,其中特定藻種含有多種高價值的脂肪酸,如GLA(γ-Linolenic acid)、EPA(Eicosapentaenoic acid)及DHA(Docosahexaenoic acid)等,可供作為餌料、食品及藥品等用途。此外,其總含油量極高且不與糧食作物競爭耕地之特性,則為微藻產製生質柴油之主要優勢。目前現行之工業萃取製程,因諸多因素,包括細胞破壁、萃取效率低及大量溶劑使用等因素,非但不完全適用於微藻油脂萃取,亦為較不經濟與環保之方法。本計畫將利用微波之特性,直接加熱微藻細胞內部,達到破壁之效果,並經由微波促使微藻與溶劑混合,達到縮短萃取反應時間及提高萃取效率之目標。計畫首要步驟為萃取設備設計與製作,並進行微藻油脂批次萃取試驗,以試驗所獲致之相關參數作為半連續式微波萃取系統之操作參數應用,並將結合各種感測元件、開關與中央控制單元,依照所設計之萃取控制策略進行微藻油脂自動化萃取,期能簡單且快速的達到萃取微藻中油脂。計畫最後將分別評估本微波輔助微藻油脂萃取系統與傳統水浴加熱萃取方法之成本與效益,所獲致之結果將可作為未來進一步之研究或應用之參考。

Microalgae are fine species to turn out oil. In the growth process, the photosynthesis could fix CO2 by transforming that into lipids. Certain species of algae contain a variety of high-value fatty acids, such as GLA(γ-Linolenic acid), EPA(Eicosapentaenoic acid), and DHA(Docosahexaenoic acid), and all could provide for feed, food and medicine purposes. Moreover, the biological characteristic obtained from some species with high lipid content and no competition of the arable land with food crops results in an excellent advantage as microalgae become the great resource of biodiesel. Currently, the processes of the industrial extraction using in microalgae had several shortcomings such as the make cell disruption, the low extraction efficiency and the solvent over-used. Those factors were not only unsuitable to apply for the microalga extraction, but also showed less economical and non-environmental reasons. This project will use the characteristics of microwave to directly heating up the inside of the microalga cells and to make cell disruption. Besides, through the microwave a well-mix condition between microalgae and solvent could be promoted, the reaction time of extraction could be shortened, and the efficiency of extraction could also be raised.In this project the first step, is to design and construct the equipments of the microalga lipid extraction. the batch test of the microalga lipid extraction, and the operation parameters for the semi-continuous microwave assisted lipid extraction will be obtained from the batch tests. Moreover, after combining the various sensors, switches and central control unit under the automatic extraction strategy, a simple and rapid lipid extraction method of microalgae will be achieved. The final step of this project is to evaluate the costs and benefits of the newly developed microwave assisted system and the traditional water bath heated method, respectively. The results obtained could be referred for the future research and application.
其他識別: NSC99-2313-B005-014
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