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標題: 南瓜擠壓產品之開發及其產品之抗氧化與護肝功能之研究
The Development of a Pumpkin Extrudate and the Study of Its Anti-Oxidative Characteristics and Liver Protection Functions
作者: 彭錦樵
關鍵字: 農業機械類, 食品科技;應用研究;pumpkin;南瓜;擠壓產品;護肝功效評估;extrudates;liver protection performance evaluation
南瓜營養豐富,為低脂、低鈉、高膳食纖維、高維生素E、高胡蘿蔔素、高鉀、高鈣食品。南瓜含人體所需多種元素和胺基酸,是心腦血管病、糖尿病患者和老年人理想的健康食品,值得開發利用。本研究應用擠壓技術進行南瓜的加工研究,第一年利用反應曲面法尋求添加南瓜粉於玉米粉中之最佳比例及擠壓機之最適操作條件,以期開發最佳品質之膨發休閒保健食品。第二年進行南瓜擠壓產品抗氧化功能之研究。以擠壓機最適操作條件試製南瓜擠壓產品,評估其抗氧化功能,包括抑制過氧化率、微脂粒氧化作用抑制率、清除DPPH 自由基能力、螯合亞鐵離子能力和清除超氧離子能力之測定。另外,亦加入BHA和α-生育醇實驗組為對照組進行抗氧化性之評估。第三年進行南瓜擠壓產品之生理活性之研究。這一階段的研究把未添加及添加不同比率的南瓜擠壓產品分別餵食正常老鼠及被誘發肝損傷之大鼠,探討大鼠血液中之血糖、三酸甘油脂、膽固醇、高密度脂蛋白、低密度脂蛋白、肝功能生化指數GOT 及GPT 餵食前後變化情形,又取其肝臟測定抗氧化酵素系統(活性及mRNA)之變化,探討南瓜擠壓產品中,所含的生理活性物質對動物之護肝功能之影響。本研究結束後,期能研發出具保健功效的南瓜擠壓產品。

Pumpkin is rich in nutrition. It contents low fat and sodium, high fiber, Vitamin E, β-carotene, potassium and calcium. It also contents many kinds of elements and amino acidneeded by man. It is an ideal food of diabetes patients, cardiovascular disease patients, andold people. It is worth to utilize.In this study, a single screw extruder was used to process pumpkin extrudates. Responsesurface methodology (RSM) was used to investigate the effect of operation condition on thephysiochemical properties of a pumpkin extrudates in first year's research. In second year,the antioxidant activities of the extrudates were evaluated by the inhibition of peroxidationrate, DPPH scavenging abilities, chelating abilities, reducing power and conjugated dienemethod. Pumpkin powder, corn grits extrudates, vitamins C, vitamin E (α-tocophero) andBHA were used for comparisons. IC50 value is the effective concentration for the antioxidantactivities and was obtained by interpolation from linear regression analysis.The third year of this study is to evaluate the physiological activity of the pumpkinextrudes. This study on the normal and liver damaged rats induced by CCl4 with extrudatepumpkin powder and normal feeding. The blood sugar, serum triacylglycerol, serumcholesterol, HDL, LDL, GOT and GPT of the rats were determined. The activity of theanti-oxidative system was also determined by measuring the activity of SOD and the mRNAcontents in the livers of the induced rats.It is expected to establish an ascertainable principle to evaluate the hepatoprotectivefunction in health food as a scientific accordance, especially in pumpkin extruded food.
其他識別: NSC99-2313-B005-013-MY3
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