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標題: 奈米化粧品法規管理規範與安全性評估模式之研究
The study of regulation and safety evaluation for nanocosmetics
作者: 徐善慧
關鍵字: 其他;Cosmetic products incorporating nanotechnology;化學工程類;奈米化妝品;奈米科技;法規;安全性
奈米化妝品潛力商機無限,但以奈米微粒為材料或技術製造之化粧品,可能改變人體之吸收及分布,甚至可能引起其他反應,由於技術尚處研發初期,其安全性與安定性有待確立。故本研究參考各國法規經營策略及風險評估方法,利用問卷得到統計結果,提供1. 奈米化妝品安全性法規建議,2. 奈米化妝品的安全性及功能性標準檢測方法,並舉辦奈米說明會以蒐集更多專家意見,以得到最適合的法規管理策略及安全性評估標準作業程序及管理之參考。

Cosmetic products incorporating nanotechnology have great commercial potentials. However, the use of nanotechnology in cosmetics could change the adsorption and distribution of the substances in the human skin or body, or could even provoke other unexpected responses. Because nanotechnology for cosmetics is still in a stage of research and development, the data regarding safety and stability have to be established. The current project proposes to collect the guidelines of administrative strategies and of risk evaluations from other countries, and utilize a survey and statistics to provide suggestions for safety regulations and standard testing methods for biological safety, to hold an expert meeting to gather more professional opinions, and to develop the most suitable administrative strategies for regulation and for the SOP of safety evaluations.
其他識別: DOH96-TD-D-113-046
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