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標題: 金屬合金觸媒於二氧化碳加氫合成乙醇之研究
Applicaiotn of the Novel Nano-Bimetallic Catalysts for the Hydrgenation of Carbon Dioixde to Ethanol
作者: 鄭紀民
關鍵字: 二氧化碳;Carbon Dioxide;化學工程類;雙金屬觸媒;CO2 加氫反應;乙醇;化學還原法;水熱法;應用研究;Bimetallic Catalysts;Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide;Ethanol;Chemical Reduction Method;Hydrothermal Method
The large-scale emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is one of the most seriousproblems upon the earth's pollution abatements, especially with regard to the Globe warmingconsequences of the greenhouse effect. The reduction and/or control of carbon dioxide releaseare one of the most important research areas in scientific technology. Synthesis of ethanol byhydrogenation of carbon dioxide is one of the potential processes to present a serious optionfor the global warming control. The main products of CO2 hydrogenation are CH3OH,C2H5OH, CH4, CO and H2O. The selectivity to C2H5OH depends closely on the catalystcompositions and reaction conditions. Thus, the best choice of the catalyst and optimumreaction conditions will be able to effectively control the Synthesis of ethanol and resolvedthe CO2 pollution problem.In this study, a chemical reduction method and hydrothermal method have been used toprepare the nano- bimetallic and supported bimetallic catalysts. There are two advantages forthese methods: (1) a higher quantity of catalyst can be prepared, (2) the preparation conditionssuch as reduction temperature, reaction time and catalyst's composition, can be operated toprepare a desired catalyst. The surface morphology and structure of the bimetallic andsupported bimetallic catalysts, the chemisorption properties and CO2 hydrogenation overthese catalysts have been characterized by using the modern techniques of BET, TEM, XRDand FT-IR. The reaction product's concentration will be detected by GC analysis and confirmthe products selectivity over the synthesized catalysts to evaluated the potential and capablecatalyst for the CO2 hydrogenation reaction.

大量二氧化碳氣體排放到大氣中,對地球的環境造成了嚴重的威脅,尤其是溫室效應引起的問題。有效的減少和控制大氣中二氧化碳是當前科學研究最重要的領域之ㄧ。其中利用CO2 加氫合成乙醇是有效控制及利用CO2 排放的方法,在CO2 加氫反應中產物主要為CH3OH、C2H5OH、CH4、CO 和H2O,然而生成C2H5OH 的選擇性與觸媒組成及反應條件有著密切相關。選擇最佳的觸媒及最適化的反應條件,才能更為有效的合成乙醇,讓此全球性之環境汙染問題得以解答。此研究計畫將以化學還原法和水熱法製備雙金屬觸媒及覆載型雙金屬觸媒,此法的優點為:(1)可大量製備;(2)可藉由製備條件如:還原溫度、反應時間及組成成分控制所須觸媒之型態及結構。借由BET、XRD、TEM 和FT-IR 等現代化儀器設備研究雙金屬觸媒及覆載型雙金屬觸媒的表面構造、化學吸附能力及CO2 加氫催化反應性能。綜合特性分析結果針對觸媒進行評估,並進行二氧化碳加氫反應之探討,以氣相層析儀分析主要產物乙醇及其它副產物(CH3OH、C2H5OH、CH4、CO 和H2O 等)之選擇率。期能有效的轉化CO2 為替代能源及能源之永續發展發展應用。
其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-065
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