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標題: 酸鹼應答型高分子複合液胞組裝
pH-Responsive Polymeric Multivesicle Assemblies
作者: 邱信程
關鍵字: 化學工程類;基礎研究
本計畫擬利用脂質共聚合高分子poly(acrylic acid-co-distearin acrylate)(poly(AAc-co-DSA))製備pH 應答性高分子複合型液胞組裝(pH-responsive polymericmultivesicle assemblies)做為功能性生物容器(functional bioencapsulants)。此高分子液胞系統具有pH 應答性通道(pH-responsive transmembrane channels),可依外界水相pH 值調控液胞對水溶性物質的包覆與釋放。高分子複合型液胞乃指數個小液胞同時包覆於一大液胞的內部水相中,組裝架構類似真核細胞及其內部胞器,可進一步調控不同物質間的釋放、混合及化學(生物)反應。第一年的目標為藉由不同共聚合高分子組成比例製備不同單層液胞(unilamellar vesicles),單層液胞間的差異著重於其通道大小及對pH 值應答範圍的不同,同時包括液胞薄膜的分子組裝架構探討。第二年則依第一年所得結果,更進一步製備複合型液胞組裝,藉由較精緻物理程序控制複合型液胞組裝內小液胞的數目及不同pH 應答性。本計畫先期研究數據(preliminary data)即將發表於Angewantde ChemieInternational Edition,並獲該期刊選為VIP (Very Important Paper)。

In this study, functional polymer multivesicle assemblies in which small vesicles are enclosedwithin the internal aqueous compartments of larger ones in an eccentric manner that mimiceukaryotic cells and their subcellular organelles, while the vesicle walls (both the parental andenclosed) are simultaneously equipped with pH-responsive transmembrane channels, will beprepared by two-stage double emulsion of copolymers of acrylic acid (AAc) and distearinacrylate (DSA). It is the primary objective of the first-year study to prepare unilamellarvesicles implemented with size-controllable transmembrane channels of different pHresponsiveness (i.e., the dependence of the reversible ON/OFF process of the transmembranechannels on pH) by changing the molecular parameters of AAc/DSA copolymers, particularlythe content and distribution of DSA along the polymer backbone. Assembling the polymermultivesicles with control of the number of enclosed small vesicles and pH responsivenessvia well designed physical process of double emulsion will be the main task of thesecond-year study. A paper based on the preliminary results of this study has been acceptedfor publication in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. and selected as a VIP (Very Important Paper) of theJournal.表
其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-017-MY2
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