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標題: 改良透明質酸醱酵製程之研究
Study on Improvement of Hyaluronic Acid Fermentation Process
作者: 劉永銓
關鍵字: 應用研究;化學工程類;獸疫鏈球菌;透明質酸;生化反應器;富氧操作;最適化
Diverter that controls the faucet and shower flow rates is a key component in bathing facility. The present project aims to investigate the transient hydraulic phenomenon occurring in a conduit of faucet-shower diverter due to abrupt close of the valve. One of the most concerned problems for the hydraulic transients is a pressure surge called water hammer that propagates in the conduit. This pressure wave can cause serious noise, vibration and even damage of the conduit system. The water hammer pulses remain a critical problem in many high quality products of the company in corporation with us. In the present project, numerical simulations using CFD software Fluent are proposed to analyze this problem supplemented with the transient pressure measurements at designated positions of the conduit for various flow rates. The numerical simulations will be carried out for the fixed and the moving diverter cases subject to the change of pressure with time. The numerical simulations will provide the basis for further re-design of the faucet-shower diverter set. Moreover, the experimental measurements as well as the method of characteristics will be employed to examine the accuracy of the simulation results.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is one kind of natural polymer with effective bioactivity on water-holding, jointlubrication and wound repair. It is wildly used in medical materials and cosmetic surgery. Traditionally, mostHA has been produced by extraction of cock's combs, although in recent years, attention has turned toStreptococcus zooepidemicus fermentation due to the complexity of animal tissue sources and theconsideration of production costs. The Bertie Co. has been involved in cosmetic production and formulationfor years. HA was one of the commonly-used components in its cosmetic productions. A large amount ofHA was needed, which attributes production cost. Therefore, a transfer of technology was highly demanded.Through this project, a novel HA production technology will be carried out. Meanwhile, the fermentationwill be transferred to the company. In this project, the various carbon and nitrogen sources for HAproduction were studied. and The response surface methodology was used to optimize the formula ofmedium. In order to improve of HA production, different of bioreactors were operated. The effects ofreactors operation on biomass, HA yield were investigated. A detailed cost analysis on HA scale up processalong with the HA molecular weight data.
其他識別: NSC99-2622-E005-006-CC3
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