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標題: 分離濃縮及結晶枸杞玉米黃素棕櫚酸酯與產製微奈米保健原料
Separation and Purification of Zeaxanthin Dipalmitate for Production of Submicron Particulated Healthful Materials Using Supercritical Anti-Solvent
作者: 張傑明
關鍵字: 化學工程類;應用研究;Lycium chinense;Lycium barbarum;supercritical fluid extraction;supercritical antisolvent;carotenoids;zeaxanthin;carotene;bioactivity assay
枸杞 (Lycium chinense, Lycium barbarum)在中醫藥及食材的使用非常頻繁,其成分如類蘿蔔素 (carotenoids)、玉米黃素及其酯化物(zeaxanthin and zeaxanthinester)等,已被證明其在慢性眼睛疾病防治方面有其功效,然而其在萃取枸杞中之活性成分的方式普遍都用到有機溶劑,不利於後續保健食品及藥品之開發。本研究以綠色科技之超臨界二氧化碳流體萃取結晶純化技術為核心技術,進行枸杞中活性成分之萃取,目的用以開發保健食品及藥品。本計畫主要研究目的為萃取枸杞裡相對大量且具生物活性的物質,即利用超臨界二氧化碳(Supercritical carbon dioxide, SC-CO2)萃取類蘿蔔素,目標物包括高單價之玉米黃素(NT28000元/mg)及類蘿蔔素(carotenoids),配合應答曲面設計(response surface methodlogy, RSM),找出最適化萃取條件,並且利用抗溶結晶程序(antisolvent crystallization)及管柱層析分離進行純化分離,單離出有效成分,充分發揮枸杞之生物活性功效。最終期能研發出節能環保的萃取純化技術,產製出枸杞活性保健原料 (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients),並將其商品化,兼顧學術及應用價值。本研究成果提供嶄新之超臨界流體抗溶結晶純化活性成分技術,可微粒化並提高其純度,經由本研究可以創造台灣生技及中草藥界之商業契機。

Lycium chinense (or Lycium barbarum, LB) that is a popular folk medicine and healthy foodcontains a few functional components such as carotenoids, zeaxanthin and zeaxanthin esters, hasbeen proven to be effective in the prevention of retina chronic disease. However, aqueous andorganic solvent extractions of these fatty affinitive functional components may lead to low yield anddamage to human health. Therefore, this study was proposed to extract these compounds usinggreen solvents technique that is supercritical fluids CO2 (SC-CO2) extraction and anti-solventprecipitation used for the development of healthy materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients.The aim of this study is going to utilize SC-CO2 techniques coupled with column fractionations torecover the carotenoids, including high price of zeaxanthin (NT 28000/mg) and zeaxanthin esters,and then adopt the response surface methodology (RSM) design to find the optimum operationalconditions. Finally, the bioactivity of the purest functional ingredients will be examined in vitro.This study will offer new separation and purification techniques to recover bioactive compoundsfrom LB applied for the industrial fields. In particular, a novel technique, anti-solventcrystallization, could generate the purest functional compounds and nano-particulates, employed forproducing bioactive products. Hopefully, this work will create an opportunity between industrialand academic aspects to develop useful healthy food from natural materials.
其他識別: NSC99-2622-E005-021-CC3
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