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標題: 感光性黑色奈米流體流變行為與光微影製程最適化研究
Study on Rheological Behaviour and Optimial Photolithography Process of Photosensitive Black Nanofluid (I)
作者: 鄭文桐
關鍵字: Photosensitive black nano-fluid;應用研究;化學工程類;Carbon black nano-particle;rheologics;Photolithography;Optimal process
本研究旨在探討由平均二次粒徑(average secondary particle size)介於50nm 至80nm 的球型碳黑粒子(spherical carbon black particle) 與感光性有機液體(photosensitive organic liquid)所組成之奈米流體(nano-fluid)(簡稱感光性黑色奈米流體)的流變行為(rheological beaviour)及解析感光性黑色奈米流體的光微影(photolithography)製程最適化(optimization)問題。首先,藉由圓形庫耶特流力(circular Couette flow )實驗與理論方法在改變溫度情況下探討含有不同濃度之球型碳黑奈米粒子之感光性有機液體(由丙二醇甲醚醋酸酯(propylene glycolmonomethyl ether acetate) , 光起始劑(photo-initiator) , 反應性單體(reactivemonomer),及環氧壓克力寡聚合物(epoxy acrylated oligomers)所組成之混合流體)的高剪切黏度(high shear viscosity),剪切變薄(shear thinning)行為及溫度相依性(temperature dependence)。之後,根據感光性黑色奈米流體之流變特性控制其旋轉塗佈(spin coating)成膜厚度及運用田口品質工程方法(Taguchi method)的動態零點比例式(dynamic zero proportional equation) 對光微影製程中軟烤(softbaking)、曝光(exposure)、顯影(development)之單元程序(unit process)與單元操作(unit operation)進行最適化,使光罩圖案(photo-mask pattern)與感光性黑色奈米流體成膜影像之間的尺寸差異(critical dimension)達到最小 。本計畫擬以兩年時間完成以上工作目標。本研究成果有助加速樹脂型黑色矩陣(black matrix resin)技術取代現階段具有環境污染且價格昂貴的鉻膜製程,進而促使彩色薄膜電晶體液晶顯示器(color TFTLCD)的材料與製程朝向綠色科技發展。

This study aims to understand the rheological behavior of nano-fluid composed from carbonblack particles which average secondary particle size ranges from 50nm to 80nm and aphotosensitive organic liquid, referred to as the photosensitive black nano-fluid, and analyzethe optimal lithography process of a photosensitive black nano-fluid. At first, the uses ofcircular Couette flow experiment and theoretical methods varying with temperature examinehigh shear viscosity, shear thinning behavior, and temperature dependencies of photosensitiveblack nano-fluid fabricated by the different concentrations of spherical carbon blacknano-particles and organic mixture of propylene glycol methyl ether acetate, photo-initiator,reactive monomer, and epoxy acrylic oligomer. Finally, the resulted rheological propertieswill be applied to control the film thickness of the photosensitive black nano-fluid duringspin coating process and Taguchi method with dynamic zero proportional equation isemployed to optimize the photolithography process including unit operation and unit process,such as soft baking, exposure, and development, for achieving the smallest critical dimensionbetween the photomask pattern and the filming image produced by photosensitive blacknano-fluid. This study will be two years to complete the above objectives. The results will besignificantly help to accelerate the resin black matrix instead of metal black matrix withenvironmental pollution resulting from chromium film and expensive process, and thenpromoter the materials and process for color thin film transistor liquid crystal display towardsthe development of green technology.
其他識別: NSC100-2221-E005-061
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