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標題: 航空用數位馬達致動控制器之關鍵技術研究
Research on Key Technologies of Digital Motor Actuators in Aerospace Applications
作者: 林嘉富
關鍵字: Variable Structure Control;可變結構控制;Motor;Discrete-Time;Aerospace;Digital Control;馬達;離散時間;航空;數位控制
出版社: 電機工程學系
應用於飛行載具的致動控制系統需面對外在環境劇烈的改變,因此系統將遭遇嚴苛的參數變化與負載干擾,本文運用可變結構控制理論嘗試補償這些環境干擾以達到強健控制的目的。本論文所提的方法是由離散時間的順滑模式著手進行電流迴路設計而免除在連續時間的持續切跳現象,運用等效控制(Equivalent Control)概念搭配干擾量估測來補償誤差,透過低通濾波器加以改善電流迴路初期的局部振盪現象。
在鈦思科技公司的技術協助下首次成功地整合MathWorks, Inc.的Simulink和TI公司的TMS320F240 DSP軟硬體,初步實現訊號轉換與 DSP/Simulink 界面整合的構想,可降低整合運用這些工具的學習門檻並有助於提昇其研究和發展效率。

Since the servoactuator systems will suffer from unpredictive disturbances and parameter variations caused by aerial environment changed tremendously. This study excepts to compensate these impacts by using of the sliding mode control approach. Based on the related documents, we designed a discrete-time current controller in order to avoid the chattering phenomenon. According to equivalent control concept, the tracking error is compensated analytically with a disturbance estimator. The temporarily damping phenomenon can be overcome by adding a low pass filter.
With well technique support from TeraSoft, Inc., we also successfully showed the experimental results to integrate MathWorks, Inc.'s Simulink and TI's TMS320F240 DSP development tools. These tools are expected to provide engineers great help in increasing their learning rate, facilitating their research and improving their product development efficiency.
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