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標題: 高效分碼多工多用戶訊號檢測算法之研究
Study on High Performance CDMA Multi-user Signal Detection Algorithms
作者: 吳煜彬
Wu, Yu-Pin
關鍵字: Orthogonal Decision Feedback Detector;正交迴授判決檢測器;RAKE receiver;Multipath effect;Adaptive filter;Maximal ratio combining;Equal gain combining;耙形接收器;多路徑效應;適應性濾波器;相等增益合成器;最大比率合成器
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文主要是在探討使用領航訊號(pilot)輔助多用戶訊號的檢測系統之研究應用,並且探討適應性濾波器(adaptive filter)技術來對於時變通道的估測,使的這樣的接收器可以適用在時變衰弱的通道中。過去主要在研究多用戶檢測系統的分析,都只放在AWGN(Additive White Gaussian Noise )的CDMA通道,但是,由於近年來,行動通訊系統的服務要求日漸提升,使用行動電話通訊時,常常會遭遇到多路徑訊號的干擾以及通道訊號的衰減,因此,即時的通道響應來輔助訊號的檢測已經日漸變的重要。現今,大部分比較實用性的多用戶檢測的研究就會同時考慮通道的估測與訊號的檢測的結合,以pilot symbol或者是適應性濾波技術來進行通道估測以輔助訊號的檢測。
在本論文中,主要介紹四個部分,第二章介紹同步(synchronous)的系統中,使用獨立的領航訊號(lone pilot signal)輔助多用戶檢測系統的性能分析。第三章重心是放在如何把矩陣轉換省略掉且又不影響系統的效能,因此我們利用ODFD-QR的特性應用在使用獨立的領航訊號(lone pilot signal)輔助多用戶檢測系統的性能分析。第四章介紹對於通道的估測方面提出了比較符合實際的系統架構我們稱為WD-RAKE,使用適應性濾波技術,因為適應性濾波技術可有效對抗時變性通道的特性,而且它具有傳統RAKE接收機抗多重路徑干擾的特性。第五章為研究的結論與建議。

The thesis will discuss the subjects about the pilot assisted CDMA Multi-user system signal detection algorithms and applications. Finally we will present an adaptive receiver for CDMA communications over frequency-selective wireless channel. In the past years, primary studies on multi-user detectors concerned proposing some systems and analyzing them for additive white Gaussian noise CDMA channel. However, most of the multiple-access channels of interest. Consequently, a large amount of research has been focusing on proposing multi-user detectors to accommodate multi-path fading. Recently, more realistic multi-user detectors have been studied in which both detection and channel estimation using pilot symbol or adaptive filter are considered.
The rest of this thesis is organized as follow. In Chapter 2, we describe the lone pilot assisted the multi-user detector scheme for downlink CDMA systems. In Chapter 3, we use the ODFD-QR algorithm on our SCCS system without the inverse matrix. In Chapter 4, we describe the new receiver is termed the windows decorrelating-RAKE (WD-RAKE) receiver for its ability in decorrelating multiuser interference and combining self-adaptive filter advantage. In Chapter 5, we concludes the thesis with summary of results and remaining work.
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