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標題: 切換式磁阻馬達之伺服控制晶片設計
A Servo Control Chip Design for A Switched Reluctance Motor
作者: 林宜遠
Lin, Yi-Yuan
關鍵字: SRM;切換式磁阻馬達;Variable Structure Control;CPLD;可變結構控制;可程式邏輯晶片
出版社: 電機工程學系
最後利用複雜型可程式邏輯元件(Complex Programmable Logic Device, CPLD)建立切換式馬達內迴路的切換邏輯訊號,外迴路則將比例-積分控制器和可變結構控制器整合入CPLD的架構中,完成一切換式磁阻馬達的伺服控制晶片設計。

The aim of this thesis is to develop an electric speed control system for the switched reluctance motor (SRM). A PI controller is designed to control the speed of SRM by adjusting the switch time of converter. In addition, a variable structure control is included to improve the PI controller to reduce the torque ripple of the SRM. Computer's simulation has been done to demonstrate the controller.
Finally, the inner and outer control loop of the switched reluctance motor is designed by using complex programmable logic device. The CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) include the two main modules, one is that produce the signal of adjustment commutation angle, the other is the PI and variable structure controller.
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