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標題: 電動輪椅馬達控制器之研製
Development of the Power Wheelchair Motor Controller
作者: 黃庚取
Huang, Keng-Chu
關鍵字: 電動輪椅;Power
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis develops mainly the control system of the electrical wheelchair including the driver circuit and the controller. The system is based on the simulation to design the wheelchair's motor dynamic model.
The simulation uses the PI control, the VSC and the integration of the both which is made into the inner-outer-loop control. Whereas the PI control is the outer loop and the VSC is the inner loop. The final simulation is to use the speed sensorless strategy, which uses the current and the voltage as a feedback signal to estimate the speed then evaluate its feasibility.
The controller is based on the PIC16F873-microcontroller.The user's interface of the electrical wheelchair uses a traditional analog joystick. Because the wheelchair's motor needs bidirectional rotation, it needs to use the full-bridge circuit. Pulse-width modulation (PWM) method changes the speed of the motor. The direction of the electrical wheelchair can be changed from the joystick and the speed can be changed from the voltage of the resistance.
This thesis uses the software and the hardware to implement the controller of the basic electrical wheelchair. Through the experiments and the simulation, we can know that the electrical wheelchair can achieve the basic behaviors of going forward, backward, left and right. This machine can be used as the foundation for the future development.
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