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標題: 各種吉伯架構混頻器設計和實現
Design and Implementation of Mixer with Gilbert Cell Variant Topology
作者: 許勝凱
shi, sheng kai
關鍵字: RF;射頻;microwave;mixer;微波;混頻器
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis describes the design and implementation of mixer with Gilbert cell variant topology. It is important to prove our theory, too. A CMFB mixer based on Gilbert cell variant topology was implemented, high isolation and high gain has been demonstrated. Excitingly the difference in the LO-IF isolation between DNW and No-DNW is about 24 dB. It proves the proposed viewpoint. Besides, the CMFB mixer in the 1.8V operation also provides higher gain that is 17.5dB,and what is better, lower power dissipation. It is just 18mW for low voltage and the full circuit also occupies smaller size. Another novel up-converter can be operated in 5.2GHz system with current-combiner. The RF-IF isolation is very good and upon 31dB. It should be due to LC-match would filter some noise and RF signal cannot arrive in IF port. Besides, the RF bandwidth is about 130MHz~400MHz.
The measured results verify our design and implementation of all mixers with Gilbert cell variant topology. They also provide theory and implementation.
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