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標題: 鉭酸鍶鉍鐵電晶體A位置的尺寸大小對結構與性質的影響
Influence of the size of A-site ion on structure and properties of AxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9 (A = Ca, Ba) ferroelectric crystalline
作者: 施信健
關鍵字: 鉭酸鍶鉍鐵電晶體;AxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9
出版社: 電機工程學系
本實驗是以固態燒結法製備AxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9 (A = Ba, Ca; X = 0.2,0.4~1.0)鐵電晶體,並以X光粉末繞射實驗作結構及晶格常數的研究。實驗顯示離子半徑效應對晶體在介電、鐵電及壓電方面產生很大的影響。在BaxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9系統中,當x > 0.2後展現了很大的室溫介電常數及低的居里溫度;在CaxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9系統中,當x > 0.4其居里溫度大於580℃且在所有樣本於室溫時均可觀察到電滯曲線。而BaxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9系統中,x = 0.0, 0.2和0.4在室溫時可觀察到電滯曲線,但x > 0.4以後的樣本並無此現象。最後,部分晶體中亦可發現壓電特性並求出壓電參數(kt, kp)。

The AxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9 (A = Ba, Ca; X = 0.2,0.4~1.0) were synthesized by solid-state reaction sintering method. The structures and lattice constant of those crystallizations were refined by X-ray powder diffraction. Effect of ionic radius for crystallizations shows great influences on dielectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties. The BaxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9 with x > 0.2 show the large dielectric constant (er') at room temperature and low Curie temperature (Tc). The CaxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9 with x > 0.4 show that the Curie temperature over 580. The hysteresis loop could be found in CaxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9 with x = 0.0, 0.2 ~ 1.0 at room temperature. For BaxSr1-xBi2Ta2O9 with x = 0.0, 0.2 and 0.4 the hysteresis loop could be observed at room temperature. But it is not apparent with x > 0.4. Piezoelectric properties and piezoelectric parameter (kt, kp) were also found.
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