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標題: 應用於IEEE 802.11b 無線區域網路之載波回復電路實現
Implementation of a Carrier Recovery Circuit for IEEE 802.11b WLAN
作者: 張婉茹
關鍵字: Carrier Recovery circuit;載波回復;IEEE 802.11b;CCK;Barker
出版社: 電機工程學系
在本論文中我們主要討論頻率及相位漂移對IEEE 802.11b基頻接收機所造成的影響,在IEEE所制定的IEEE 802.11b協定中規定它的中心頻率是在2.4GHz這個頻段,而它可容許的頻率偏差是+/- 25 ppm,所以我們可以知道這整個系統可以容許的頻率偏差範圍是+/- 120 KHz,因此我們採用載波回復電路來移除介於傳輸信號及接收信號之的頻率偏差,並修正所接收到信號的相位錯誤

In this thesis, we describes the frequency offset and phase offset effects of IEEE 802.11b BBP receiver. The standard specifies that its central frequency is in the 2.4GHz bands, and the frequency offset tolerance is +/- 25 ppm. Therefore, the whole system has +/- 120 KHz frequency tolerance. Here, we use a carrier recovery loop circuit to remove the frequency offset between transmitter and receiver and to correct the phase offset of the received signal.
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