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標題: 在主動式網路上即時轉碼器中的大小調整機制
A Study of Resizer for Real-time Transcoder on Active Network
作者: 廖志彬
Liau, Chih-Bin
關鍵字: active network;主動式網路;real-time transcoder;resizer;nearest;direct mapping;interlaced RGB;即時轉碼器;大小調整機制;最近鄰模式;直接映射;RGB交錯模式
出版社: 電機工程學系
根據實驗模擬顯示,直接映射的方法比傳統的最近鄰模式提昇了25%的運算速度,使用直接映射的RGB交錯模式之PSNR也比最近鄰模式高1.6 dB,所以若使用直接映射的方法將可增進即時轉碼器的效率,則結果可讓更多的用戶同時存取媒體伺服器,並達到即時轉碼的保證。

Multimedia services are always implement on active networks. The real-time transcoder is one of their applications that can provide different services level agreement. The real-time transcoding depends on the customer devices and requirements. The basic function of a real-time transcoder is to transform the source medias to other formats. The speed and the transcoded imagine quality are the most concerned issues. We have discussed the conventional resizer, and propose a direct mapping method to improve the transocding speed and enhancing the image quality.
Simulation results show that the direct mapping method is 25% faster than the conventional nearest resizer, and the PSNR of interlaced RGB pick up of direct mapping is 1.6 dB higher than the nearest method. The method can be implemented into a real-time transcoder on active network that yield better performance of network.
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