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標題: 無線區域網路架構中有線等效保密演算法安全性分析
The Analysis of Data Security in Wired Equivalent Privacy Algorithm for Wireless Local Area Network
作者: 陳俊利
Chen, Gen-Li
關鍵字: wired equivalent privacy;無線區域網路;Wireless Local Area Network;Data security;有線等效加密演算法;802.11
出版社: 電機工程學系
最後再就目前所發展的各項資訊安全技術中,系統管理者在建置一個無線區域網路時,可以採用的各種方法以提高資訊安全提出建議,例如新的Fast Packet Keying或目前在802.1X標準中所提出的EAP標準作一介紹,希望對系統管理者在面對資訊安全的威脅時能有所助益。

Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN) provides convenience and mobility but it also poses security challenges. The IEEE 802.11 standard defines the Wired Equivalent Privacy(WEP), which is an encapsulation of 802.11 data frames. The goal of WEP is to provide data security to the level of a wired network. But the WEP encapsulation fails to meet its design goal hacker maybe take the shared key in several hours or in few day to break the encryption because the weakness in WEP algorithms. The weakness stems from the usage of the initialization vector in WEP. This vulnerability prevents the WEP encapsulation from providing a useful measure for data security at any key size.
In this thesis we discuss the issues of data security in WEP and then we suggest some useful methods to enhance the security in WLAN.
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