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標題: 輪式行動機人非線性控制
Nonlinear Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots
作者: 謝世民
關鍵字: Wheeled Mobile Robots;輪式行動機人
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis presents methodologies for modified nonlinear, time-varying control for the pose regulation and tracking of the wheeled mobile robots. Utilizing a global invertible transformation, both nonlinear, time-varying regulation and tracking controllers are proposed, and their closed-loop globally asymptotic stabilities are proven based on the well-known Lyapunov stability theory. A unified globally, exponentially stable controller for the regulation and tracking problems is then developed, based on another global invertible transformation. Such a controller is proven capable of global exponential stability using the Lyapunov stability analysis. To cope with the dynamic effects of the robots, a standard backstepping technique is adopted to design a nonlinear, time-varying regulation and trackiing controller. This type of controller is also shown to have its closed-loop global exponential stability. Several computer simulation results are used for illustrations of effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed control methods.
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