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標題: HUVEC- cancer cells interaction increases cytoskeleton rearrangement, microvessel tubular formation and decreases apoptosis, and induces gene expression profile changes in HUVEC in non-small cell lung cancer
作者: Ang Yuan
Yi-Fang Chen
Jeremy JW Chen
Sung-Liang Yu
Huei-Wen Chen
Hsuan-Yu Chen
Kwen-Tay Luh
Yung-Chie, Lee
Chong-Jen Yu
Pan-Chyr Yang
關鍵字: HUVEC- cancer cells;cytoskeleton rearrangement;microvessel tubular formation;apoptosis;gene expression profile;HUVEC;non-small cell lung cancer
出版社: Los Angeles,USA:AACR
Project: American Association for Cancer Research 98th Annual Meeting
Appears in Collections:生物醫學研究所

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