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標題: 跨平台之遠端監控系統
A Platform Independent Remote Control System
作者: 婁能詒
關鍵字: platform independent;跨平台;java;remote control;temperature;爪哇;遠端監控;溫度
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis uses JAVA as internet programming language. A java web language Applet, is imployed for message interchange between the Server and the Client. The CGI language Servlet, is responsible for receiving message from the Client and sending this message to the platform for processing. The Client computer can be used for remote control through a web browser without installing the software environment for the whole system.
The remote control sysytem is applied to a temperature control problem using a 110V AC oven as the plant. A K-type thermocouple is used for temperature sensing. The Server computer is equipped with a PCL-818L I/O card to execute data exchange and to implement the contro
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