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標題: 多迴路切換磁阻馬達控制器
A Multi-Loop Switched Reluctance Motor Controler
作者: 林鴻谷
關鍵字: 切換磁阻馬達;DSP;位置控制;數位控制處理器;position control
出版社: 電機工程學系

The switched reluctance motor (SRM) is suitable for industrial use. It has the merits of simplicity, low cost, and robustness. Since the development of the switched reluctance motor is only at the outset, we expect to put it into use in industry quickly.
The topic of the research report is to develop speed and position control for the switched reluctance motor. We use three kinds of triggers (periodic-trigger, pulse-trigger and hybrid-trigger) for SRM drive design. In the controller law design, we use variable structure control (VSC) method for torque-loop control. The speed-loop controller uses the proportional control and integral control. The position-loop controller uses the proportional control.
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