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標題: 切換式降壓型DC-DC轉換器之滑動模態控制器設計
Sliding Mode Control Design of Switching Buck DC-DC Converters
作者: 楊文魁
關鍵字: Sliding Mode Control;滑動模態控制;modified PID;修正比例積分微分
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文旨在研發單組及多組並聯切換式降壓型直流對直流轉換器的修正比例積分微分滑動模態控制器設計。以納入不確定性負載之線性平均模型來建立轉換器的狀態空間數學模式,其中可將負載的變動,參數的變化,及雜訊視為不確定性負載。基於上述建構的方法,就其狀態空間變數之不同,提出兩種數學模型,一是以vo,ic 為狀態變數,另一則以vo,ic,iL為變數之狀態空間數學模型,分別做為單組降壓型直流對直流轉換器的控制器設計基礎以電腦模擬,證明所提出之控制器能使轉換器輸出電壓有優越的強健性及良好控制性能。

This thesis develops modified PID(proportional-integral-derivative)-like sliding mode controllers for single buck DC-DC converter and paralleled buck DC-DC converters. The single buck DC-DC converters can be modeled as linear averaged systems with changeable loads, noise and parameter perturbations of uncertain load. Two models with different chosen state variables are employed to design the sliding mode controllers for buck DC-DC converters; the first one has two state variables of VO and iC and the second one three state variables of VO, iC and iL. These proposed control methods have been verified by computer simulation and their control performance has been shown to be satisfactory.
Modified PID-like slide model control laws for parallel connected buck DC-DC converters are presented to achieve both equal output current distribution and robust voltage regulation. Simulation results show that such controllers improve greatly the dynamic performance of parallel buck DC-DC converters, the controlled output voltage is robust against load disturbances and the controlled output current of each converter cell is identical. Finally, an interleave control method is introduced in order to reduce the switching loss and the ripple of output current.
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