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標題: 全電式塑膠射出成型機控制系統設計與研製
Control System Design And Implementation of an Electric Injection Molding Machine
作者: 廖福聲
Liao, Fu-Sheng
關鍵字: 數位信號處理器;Digital Signal Processor;轉矩控制;保壓;修正型可變增益PI滑動模態控制;Torque control;holding-pressure;A modified gain scaling PI control based on sliding mode control theory
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis aims at developing control design methodologies and implementation technologies for an electric injection molding machine control system. This type of electric injection molding machine is an innovationally mechatronic product which is constructed by a synthesis of precision manufacturing, servomotor driving and advanced digital control. The controller for the machine is devoted to achieving motion control, temperature control, PLC control, man-machine interfacing, injection speed tracking and holding-pressure control. A novel, DSP-based, proportional-integral (PI) and feedforward speed profile control is presented based on motor torque control mode in order to accomplish speed profile tracking for the machine. To have good control at the holding-pressure stages, a modified gain scaling PI control based on sliding mode control theory is proposed to improve the switchover control of fill-to-packing without overshoot. Several experimental results have proven that the proposed methods together with the built system prototype are feasible and effective. These developed technologies are expected to be useful in improving and promoting the current and future control technologies for electric injection molding machines.
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