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標題: 適應性天線陣列用於多頻取樣多載波分碼多工多重使用者通訊系統
Multi-rate MC-CDMA Multiuser Communication Systems with Adaptive Antenna Array
作者: 柯坤達
Ke, Kun-Da
關鍵字: MC-CDMA;分碼多工多重接取;ICI;MAI;MUI;VPG;VCR;multi-code;LMS;後快速富立葉型式;前快速富立葉型式;符碼間的干擾;多重接取的干擾;多重使用者干擾;可變程序增益;可變碼速率;多重碼系統;最小平方差
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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此論文著眼在多頻取樣多載波分碼多工多重接取(MC-CDMA)適應性通訊系統的後快速富立葉型式(post-FFT type)和前快速富立葉型式(pre-FFT Type)。在多路徑的衰減通道中,被傳輸的訊號會被下列舉出的特性所影響:符碼間的干擾(ICI),多重接取的干擾(MAI)和多重使用者干擾(MUI)。為了解決這些問題,我們提出三種多頻取樣的數學方法-可變程序增益(VPG),可變碼速率(VCR)和多重碼系統(multi-code)去調查多載波分碼多工通訊處理在多路徑的衰減通道中的效能表現。我們使用基本最小平方差(LMS)方法和在接收架構增加展頻碼係數。這項技術可以減少雜訊和干擾;換言之,它可以增加效能和可靠性。

This paper proposes the adaptive multi-rate multi-carrier code-division multiple access (MC-CDMA) communication system with the post-FFT type and pre-FFT type. In multipath fading channel, the transmitted signal suffers from effects, which are characterized as follows: in inter-chip interference (ICI), multiple access interference (MAI) and multi-user interference (MUI). In order to solve these problems, we propose three multi-rate methodologies - variable processing gain (VPG), variable chip rate (VCR) and multi-code systems to investigate the performance of the MC-CDMA communications processing in multipath fading environments. We employ Least-Mean-Square (LMS)-based and include the spreading code coefficients in receiver structures. The technique can reduce noise and interference; moreover, it can enhance efficiency and reliability.
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