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標題: 灰指甲影像之偵測與分析
Detection and Analysis of Onychomycosis Images
作者: 陳佳慶
Chen, Chia-Ching
關鍵字: active contour model;動態輪廓模型;CIELAB;region growing;entropic thresholding;LUM filters;fractal dimension;CIELAB;像素聚積成長;熵臨界值化;LUM濾波器;碎形維度
出版社: 電機工程學系
摘 要

Onychomycosis is a chronic mycotic infection of nails. Studies estimate that it afflicts three to five percent of the population. In subtropical Taiwan, we can find many sufferers all the year round. Although the adverse impact of onychomycosis on the patient''s overall health status may not be profound, the discomfort and embarrassment associated with the disease affect the patient''s quality of life in terms of self-esteem, social function, and ability to walk comfortably. The conventional method uses 1-D measurement in which method doctors use ruler to calculate the length of clinical image. It's not correct and objective. In opposition to the conventional method, we further discuss the method is 2-D. Using the image processing to recognition the area of clinical onychyomycosis, and the area help doctors how to medicine and control the quantity.
In this paper, we propose active contour model to remove the background and extract the nail plate of the clinical image. After that, we can get an enhanced image that obtain from CIELAB. In this enhanced image, the gray levels of onychyomycosis are brighter than the normal nail. In segmenting methods, we use region growing, entropic thresholding, LUM filters and fractal dimension (FD). Because the area of onychyomycosis is some kind of texture, we employ a technique based on the FD and multi-fractal concept to segment the area of onychyomycosis. After comparing, the FD method diagnoses as good as doctors or better than doctors.
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