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標題: Preparation of Novel Culinary-Medicinal Mushroom Products Using Solid-State Fermentation and Their Taste Quality
作者: 毛正倫
Liang, C.H.
Huang, S.J.
Tsai, S.Y.
Lee, Y.L.
Kuo, H.C.
Wu, T.P.
Jian, S.Y.
Huang, W.L.
Mau, J.L.
關鍵字: culinary-medicinal fungi and mushrooms;Antrodia camphorate;Antrodia;salmonea;Cordyceps sinensis;Termitomyces albuminosus;solid-state;fermentation;taste component;equivalent umami concentration;performance liquid-chromatography;antrodia-camphorata;cordyceps-sinensis;nutritional-value;extracts;salmonea;mycelium;cells;food
Project: International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms
期刊/報告no:: International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, Volume 11, Issue 2, Page(s) 141-156.
Four species of culinary-medicinal mushrooms and fungi (Cordyceps sinensis, Termitomyces albuminosus, Antrodia camphorata, and A. salmonea) were individually inoculated into cooked gains, and new products were formed after fungal fermentation and their nonvolatile taste components studied. The effect of various culture conditions on the mycelial growth in fungus-fermented products was also studied. The grains and their corresponding products showed similar proximate profiles. Contents of total soluble sugars and polyols in Cordyceps sinensis-fermented rice (CFR) and Termitomyces albuminosus-fermented wheat (TFW) were as low as those in the grain. After fungal fermentation, those contents in Antrodia camphorata-fermented embryo rice (ACFR) and A. salmonea-fermented oat (ASFO) increased significantly. Contents of total free amino acids in mycelia ranged from 2.49 to 27.46 mg/g. Contents of total free amino acids in CFR and ACFR were higher than those in rice and embryo rice. Contents of flavor 5'-nucleotides showed three different levels. Equivalent umami concentra- tions of T albuminosus and C. sinensis mycelia were significantly higher than those of other mycelia, four products and four grains. On the basis of the results obtained, the four products were relatively weak in the umami taste.
ISSN: 1521-9437
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