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標題: Isolation and characterization of a strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae with citrinin-degrading activity
作者: Chen, Y.H.
Sheu, S.C.
Mau, J.L.
Hsieh, P.C.
Project: World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology
期刊/報告no:: World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology, Volume 27, Issue 3, Page(s) 487-493.
Monascus-fermented products have been widely used in Taiwan and other Asian countries as health foods. Unfortunately, many Monascus strains concurrently produce trace amounts of toxic citrinin. This study isolated a strain NPUST-B11 with the ability to degrade citrinin as the only carbon source. The isolated strain NPUST-B11 was characterised and identified as Klebsiella pneumoniae by 16S rRNA gene analysis using UNI-F and UNI-R primers. The isolated strain was then incubated in the mineral broth containing 10 ppm of citrinin, 1.2% of glucose, 0.3% of peptone and 100 ppm of vitamin C under optimal conditions, including pH 7, 200 rpm and 37A degrees C. Citrinin was rapidly degraded with incubation from 97.9% at 1 h to 8.67% at 5 h and completely depleted at 10 h. Overall, this strain could be useful for the degradation of citrinin in food products and other medical applications.
ISSN: 0959-3993
DOI: 10.1007/s11274-010-0478-4
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