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標題: 高壓發光二極體驅動電路設計
Design of High-Voltage Light Emitting Diode Driver
作者: 鍾隆斌
Chung, Lung-Pin
關鍵字: LED;發光二極體;HV LED;LED Driver;AC Power Source;Current Feedback;高壓發光二極體;驅動電路;交流電源;電流回授
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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發光二極體(Light Emitting Diode,LED)憑藉著具有效率高和使用壽命長的優點,因此有逐漸取代傳統燈具的趨勢;而傳統LED並不適合直接以家用的交流電源直接驅動,需要將高壓交流電源轉換成為低壓直流電源後再以定電流驅動電路來驅動傳統LED;但,繁複的轉換過程需要複雜的電路元件造成高成本及體積龐大的缺點。
本研究在電流回授的基本概念下,使用順向偏壓較接近交流電源的高壓發光二極體(high voltage LED, HV LED)設計不需經繁複電壓轉換的LED驅動電路,以減少電壓轉換所造成的能量耗損,另一方面達到降低成本,縮減驅動電路體積,以提高LED燈具的競爭力。本研究亦提出平均電流補償器的設計以提高HV LED驅動電路對於AC電壓變動時的亮度穩定性,並以電路模擬軟體測試分析,驗證HV LED應用於交流電源系統中的可行性。

Light emitting diode(LED)possesses the advantages with high efficiency and long life time, it is gradually replacing traditional LED in the market. However, it is inappropriate to drive conventional LEDs with AC power source directly. In general, the AC power source has to be converted to the lower DC power source for conventional LED driving. However, the converter is disadvantage with structure complexity and high cost.
This research proposes a high voltage LED (HV LED) driver by utilizing current feedback. Because the current feedback structure can drive HV LED with AC power source directly, the driver possesses compact size and low cost, we propose an average current compensation design to improve the HV LED driver's lighting performance to against the AC power variations, and to verify its performance via extensive numerical experiments.
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