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標題: 基於Zigbee之即時室內定位系統開發
Development of A Real-Time Indoor Positioning System Based on Zigbee
作者: 黃種瑋
Huang, Jhong-Wei
關鍵字: Indoor positioning;室內定位;Zigbee;Wireless sensor network;Zigbee;無線感測網路
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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目前最廣為人知的行動定位服務系統以全球定位系統(GPS)為代表,但是全球定位系統存在必須與衛星系統保持直視(Line Of Sight;LOS)才能進行定位的限制,如果在室內接收時容易受到建築物的影響,使得信號衰減的非常嚴重,無法達到室內定位的需求。

In recent years, fertility rates have continued to decrease, while medical advances have extended human life expectancy, resulting in the problem of an aging population. The majority of the elderly may become physically disabled or contract chronic diseases; therefore, they may at anytime need someone to look after them, causing a burden for medical staff.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the most well-known mobile positioning service. However, GPS have positioning restrictions, requiring a line of sight (LOS) with satellite systems, and that GPS signal is easily affected by buildings. Making the signal attenuation is extremely serious and unable to calculate the location in the indoor environment.

This study develops a real-time indoor positioning system, primarily through Zigbee technology to construct an indoor wireless sensor network environment. Using a pre-collection received signal strength database to obtain the corresponding distance, finally, this thesis raises a positioning algorithm through the signal strength to calculate the intersection point of two circles to gain the unknown node coordinate and display it on the computer screens.
其他識別: U0005-0608201119203500
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