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標題: 利用天然植物素材研發防治草莓病害之植物保護製劑新配方
Development and application of natural plant protected formulations for pest control - studies on plant extract for strawberry disease control
作者: 顏志恆
關鍵字: 病害防治;Disease control;植物保護類;中草藥;植物萃取液;應用研究;Chinese herb;Plant extract
Ongoing field trials, the control effect of strawberry caused by strawberry anthracnose, Botrytis cinerea and strawberry buds nematode will conduct during the nursery period and field. Development of simple, low cost and easy to use formulation for farmers to use (including the concentration of scientific medicine and essential oils), in addition to analyze the composition of anti-pathogen substances, which may try the possibility of chemical synthesis. Held in non-chemical control demonstrations and workshops to control plant pests and diseases.

其他識別: 101農科-10.2.2-檢-B1(3)
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