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標題: The Changing Role of the Agricultural Extension under the WTO Rules---Comparative Analysis in Taiwan and Japan
作者: 王俊雄
關鍵字: 應用研究;農業推廣類
It is the police of government that Taiwan join the WTO, is beneficial to the upgrades of the whole economic development, but to agriculture, is however a difficult to surmount.According to the Council of Agriculture informal estimation, there are 100, 000farmers must to leave the agriculture, the labor should be absorbed by other sectors.Therefore, this research intends to aim at Japan from 1955namely becomes the membership of GATT formally, a road participating the GATT negotiation, negotiating to establish to 1995of WTO.The precious experience become in process of GATT and WTO, certain deserve our reference lessons.Joining the WTO is one of all new decision, therefore, pick the experience of advanced countries to be used then reduce and explore the loss of collision is wise studying square slightly.In sum, the important jobs will be proceeding in this research are: 1.Compiling Japan at join the GATT to WTO process, the strategy of agriculture development particularly to develop the human resources.2.Sorting the agricultural extension contents of, and the agricultural administration unit preparing to intent it in answer of measurement.3.Comparing and analyzing Japan experience and our country's status, to suggest and conduct Taiwan joining the WTO to promote the work and human resources at the agriculture to facilitate the last adjustment measures.

台灣加入世界貿易組織( WTO )是政府既定的政策, 有益於整體經濟的升級發展, 但對農業而言, 卻是一項艱鉅的難關.根據農委會非正式的預估, 進入WTO之後, 將約有十萬個農民必須離開農業, 勞力應由其他產業吸收.未來農業產業結構將朝向規模經濟與專業競爭的模式運作, 因此, 農業人力資源管理與發展策略的相對因應即顯得迫切而重要, 尤其對農業推廣工作而言, 人力素質的培育, 將是挑戰自由競爭與知識經濟的唯一憑藉.因此, 本研究擬針對日本自1955年即正式成為GATT的會員國, 一路參與GATT談判、協議乃至1995年WTO成立, 其在四十餘年來農業部門因應、調適的過程中所形成的寶貴經驗與措施, 確定值得我國的參考借鏡, 尤其以人力資源發展為主要行動策略的農業推廣工作, 更需要瞭解日本如何在自由化、全球化的不可逆潮流裡, 確保其日本風格的農業與高素質農民的培育, 以作為台灣農業推廣工作的反省與革新的智略基石.加入WTO是一種全新的決策, 過去未曾有過的情境, 因此, 擷取先進國家的經驗做為借鏡, 以減少摸索碰撞的損失乃為明智的學習方略.日本不論在文化、地理、歷史、人文、產業方面都較歐美地區類近於台灣, 且早已加入WTO, 應是值得深入研究的對象, 以引其之石, 做為我國農業推廣體系, 尤其是農業人力資源發展工作, 在面對此一巨大變遷的重要參考依據.本年度重要工作目標如下: ( 1 )蒐集日本在加入GATT乃至WTO過程中, 農政單位尤其是在農業推廣和人力資源發展方面之因應措施.( 2 )整理我國過去與目前之農業推廣工作內容與人力資源發展策略, 以及農政單位所預擬之因應措施.( 3 )經由比較分析日本經驗與我國現況, 綜整出相異與不足之處, 作為我國因應加入WTO在農業推廣工作與人力資源發展上的調整措施之建議.
其他識別: 90農科-1.7.2-輔-#1(3)
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