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標題: 安全高品質農業管理模式之建構與示範推廣
A Study on Model Construction and Extension of the Safe and High Quality Agriculture
作者: 蔡東纂
關鍵字: Safety Agriculture;應用研究;植物保護類, 農業推廣類;Management Model;Agricutural Extension;安全農業;管理模式;農業推廣
From the viewpoint of systemic integration and innovation, this study tried to using the packaged counseling model to involve the entire agricultural journey from the production to marketing to carry on the agricultural extension work. Coordinating the goal of “security agriculture”, we instructed the case of farmer produced safe and high quality shaddocks based on the safe and high quality management model of agricultural chemicals fertilizer decrement. At the same time, the case of famer also obtained the benefit of cost reduction and profit increment. This kind of extension model is providing penetrating insight referring to the public agricultural units and the institutes of agricultural extension.

其他識別: 98農科-4.2.3-糧-Z4(2)
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