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標題: 進口栽培介質有害線蟲相之監測、風險分析及檢疫技術建立
The survey and risk analysis for plant parasitic nematodes on imported plant cultural medium
作者: 顏志恆
關鍵字: nematode;線蟲;植物保護類;risk analysis;imported plant cultural media;eradication technology;風險分析;進口栽培介直質;滅除技術;應用研究

The industry of exported potted flower has been impacted recently due to the plant diseases and pests have exanimate in culture medium of exportpotted flower. The pathogen has existed in the soil, water and culture medium for sure and the export potted flower factory has already got rid of nematodes by using the soil-free greenhouse, sterilized water andculture medium. Moreover, the investigation of plant diseases and pests on imported plant cultural media and the selection of eradication technology have to conduct. Therefore, the purpose of this project is tried to find out the reason of existence of plant pathogen and to eradiate the nematode by using the proper technique.
其他識別: 100農科-9.1.1-檢-B2(2)
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