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標題: 化學概念學習之"真實"評量研究(II)
A Study of the "Authentic" Assessment in Learning of Chemistry Concept (II)
作者: 許健將
關鍵字: 科學教育;基礎研究;concept mapping;authentic assessment;covalent bond
The search for new 「authentic」science assessment of what students know andcan do it well underway. This search will unearth measures of students』knowingabout the chemistry concepts of 「covalent bond and molecular structure」.The primary aim of this study will be:1. exploring whether the concept mapping can dig out learners』intrinsicknowledge effectively?2. whether using different grading methods will lead to affect the reliabilityof concept mapping?3. if it works when using concept mapping in a big class?
其他識別: NSC95-2511-S005-001
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