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標題: 歐克斯系統教育學研究
Study of Jurgen Oelkers$ Systematic Pedagogy(I)-(Iii)
作者: 梁福鎮
關鍵字: 教育學;基礎研究
歐克斯(Jürgen Oelkers, 1947-)的系統教育學包括歷史教育學、改革教育學和普通教育學三個面向,不僅影響歷史教育學的發展,指引改革教育學的方向,擴展普通教育學的視野,而且左右重要教育政策的制定,對德語區國家教育理論和教育實際產生深遠的影響。我國在教育史的發展、教育改革的進行和教育理論的建構上存在著一些問題,而歐克斯曾在其系統教育學著作中談到這些問題,或許可以提供一些解決的啟示。因此,個人想要進行歐克斯系統教育學的研究。本研究的目的如下:(一)探討歐克斯系統教育學的思想淵源;(二)闡明歐克斯系統教育學的主要內涵;(三)評價歐克斯系統教育學的優劣得失;(四)提出歐克斯系統教育學的重要啟示,以提供我國作為解決教育史發展、教育改革進行和教育理論建構問題的參考。

Jürgen Oelkers' systematic pedagogy includes three dimensions: historicalpedagogy, reform pedagogy and general pedagogy. He influences not only thedevelopment of historical pedagogy, pointing the direction of reform pedagogy,expanding the horizon of general pedagogy, but also establishment of educationalpolicy. Oelkers has deep and far effect on educational theory and practice in Germannations. It exists some problems in development of educational history, engagementof educational reform and construction of educational theory. Oelkers has discussedthese problems in his works of systematic pedagogy. May be, it can offers someinspirations for the solution. Therefore, I want to study of Oelkers' systematicpedagogy. The aims of this study as following:(1) to discuss the origin of Oelkers'systematic pedagogy; (2) to explain main contents of Oelkers' systematic pedagogy;(3) to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Oelkers' systematic pedagogy;(4) to explain the important implications of Oelkers' systematic pedagogy, it can beused as reference for the solutions about development of educational history,engagement of educational reform and establishment of educational theory in ourcountry.
其他識別: NSC100-2410-H005-008-MY2
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