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標題: 不插電溝通之產品創作:數位生活下的反思
其他標題: Unplugged Communicative Product Design: Introspection on Digital Life
作者: Chunag, Yu-Sheng
關鍵字: Communication;溝通;Unplugged Design;Digital Life;不插電設計;生活
The era has transferred from Analog Age to Digital Age, and the market is rife with digital products. Due to the science and technology development, people obtain information easily. The overabundant information make people rely on it, however, it is not easy to digest so much information. Under this background, based on surrounding human, objects and environment, we rethink about the “Communication”.Apply with the method of expressing creation steps the creations contain the message of common experiences and memories between communication objects. After deciding what message to transfer, the creation leads in non-electrical and non-technical concepts. It tries to create unplugged design which does not emphasize on functional oriented concept. These unplugged designs contain emotional messages as communication media. It can help to communicate and to transfer feelings. There are 6 communication issues and 10 derivative creations, Communication of Family (To Keep: a plant basin), Lover (Balance Handle), Friends (The Missing of Cake Plate), Oneself (Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Technical Cell Phone, Technical Camera, Look Inside), Pen (Pencil & Chopsticks, Born & Burn, Plug Pencil), and Environment (Candle & Candle Holder). In the exhibition space, a visitor can touch and experience the design to compare the received messages with designer's original concept. They can also think over the meaning of every communication issues and rethink the relationship between oneself and surrounding people, event, or objects.

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