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dc.description.abstractThe development and application of biocatalysis and bioenergy has drawed more and more attention in these days. Production of bioenergy, when enters into combination with the recycling of waste, not only can solve the waste problems, but also will create the potential to develop a new clean energy for the future. Hydrogen (H2) is not only an important industrial commodity but also an environmentally ideal fuel producing only heat and pure water without greenhouse gas emission upon combustion. Many believe that it will replace fossil fuel as the energy source in the next generation. Microbial production of hydrogen, when enters into combination with the recycling of agricultural, industrial and municipal waste products will create the potential to develop a new clean energy in the near future. On the other hand, solar energy is the original source for all kinds of biological system, thus the photosynthetic bacterium that can directly change solar energy into hydrogen resource gathers people's great concern. This symposium will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to be informed, and share opinions and findings on bioenergy issues with all the relevant stakeholders. We invite and welcome all of those who are interested in participating in the establishment of bioenery for a clean future. For these purposes, an International Symposium on this topic will be orgaizied at the department of life sciences in National Chung Hsing University during December 6th to 8th, 2006. This Symposium will bring scientists involved in biocatalysis and bioenergy researches together to discuss the latest developments in the application, tendency, business, policy and basic science. Many outstanding speakers from different countries will share their knowledges and experiences in the symposium. At the same time, posters will be also presented in the conference hall. All attendees will have very good international communication experiences during this symposium. In this symposium, the environmental engineering, biochemical engineering, and molecular biological strategies will be intergrated to establish an information platform for biocatalysis and bioenergy study.en_US
dc.subject能源工程, 生物技術zh_TW
dc.titleInternational Symposium on Development and Utilization of Biomass Energyen_US
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