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標題: Detection and Diagnosis of Geminivirus Diseases in Taiwan
作者: 胡仲祺
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究;Geminiviruses;雙生病毒;組織轉印壓擠核酸雜核;聚合脢連鎖反應;血清偵測法;外鞘蛋白選殖及表現;Tissue Squashes Hybridization;Polymerase Chain Reaction;PCR;Serological Detection Method;Coat Protein Gene Cloning and Expression
The genus Begomovirus, formerly subgroup III of Geminivirus, consists of viruses with geminate-shaped particles containing circular single-stranded DNA genome that are transmitted by whiteflies in the persistent manner. Begomoviruses are among the most economically important plant viruses, causing many diseases of over 40 different vegetable and fiber crops worldwide in tropical and warm temperate regions. With the adaptation of the whiteflies and the increased international import of plant materials, the begomoviruses are expected to be among the major plant pathogens in Taiwan. Thus, the purpose of this study is to develop efficient and convenient detection and diagnosis tools for begomoviruses. The specific aims for this fiscal year include the followings: 1. Molecular cloning of the coat protein gene of tomato leaf crul virus 2. Expression of the above gene in E. coli system 3. Production of antiserum against the bacterially-expressed coat proteins 4. Optimization of the serological detection assay for begomoviruses 5. Standardization of the serological detection system.

銀葉粉蝨傳播之雙生病毒危害40種以上蔬菜及纖維作物,可造成農業生產之嚴重損失.此病害已隨著其媒介昆蟲逐漸適應臺灣地區之農業生態,其發生密度亦逐漸升高.而利用傳統病毒學方法鑑定雙生病毒已被證明相當困難,因此本計畫擬利用分子生物學方法以鑑定本省所發生之雙生病毒病害,發展分子或血清試劑,提供未來抗病育種及種苗檢疫之基本工具,並建立其理論基礎.上年度已完成: (1) 雙生病毒感染材料之收集 (2) 製備核酸探針 (3) 以核酸雜配法偵測雙生病毒 (4) 以聚合鏈反應偵測雙生病毒.本年度之目標為製備血清,發展高專一性、高敏感度之雙生病毒血清診測系統.擬進行之重要工作項目如下: (1) 番茄捲葉雙生病毒病毒外鞘蛋白基因之選殖. (2) 以大腸桿菌(Escherichia coli)系統表現番茄捲葉雙生病毒外鞘蛋白. (3) 番茄捲葉雙生病毒抗血清之製備. (4) 雙生病毒血清專一性、敏感度之測試與改進. (5) 雙生病毒血清診測系統之標準化.
其他識別: 89生技-2.2-檢-67
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