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標題: 多影像三維座標重建系統實作
Three Dimensional Coordinate Reconstruction Using Multiple Images
作者: 劉世壹
Liu, Shi-yi
關鍵字: coordinate extraction;座標重建;nonlinear least square method;非線性最小平方法
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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現今定位技術的應用有很多,例如:追蹤目標、面積的對映、面積大小的局部量測和軍事方面的應用等等,本論文發展一套多影像三維座標重建的系統,首先我們利用程式模擬一架飛機繞著目標物飛行並且拍攝一些照片,這些照片必須包括目標物和定位點,之後我們加上三維座標轉換和相似三角形的原理,便可算出定位點在照片中的二維座標,最後利用座標轉換與非線性最小平方法,我們便可以解出較為準確的定位點三維座標位置,而為了方便進行研究,我們撰寫了一套圖形使用者介面(Graphical User Interface,GUI)以方便觀察定位的誤差結果。

Today, there are many important applications using the coordinate extraction technique, for example, target tracking, area mapping, area measuring, and military applications. In this thesis, we develop a three-dimensional coordinate extraction system using multiple images. First, a program is utilized to simulate the situation that an airplane is flying around the target and some pictures are taken with a pre-specified camera system. These pictures must contain the common points on the target. Then we can compute the two-dimensional coordinates of the common points in the acquired images by using the three-dimensional coordinate transform. Finally, the coordinate transform and nonlinear least square techniques can be utilized to obtain more accurate three dimensional coordinates of the points. In order to facilitate the research, we write a graphical user interface (GUI) to select the points and to observe the errors of the coordinates.
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