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標題: 利用生物技術提高豆科飼料原料之營養價值(III)大豆粕發酵菌元製備條件的探討
Application of Biotechnology for Increasing the Nutritive Value of Legume Feedstuff (III)-Preparation of Bacterial and Fungal Starters for the Fermenting Degradation of Antigenic Proteins and Oligosaccharides Present in Soybean Meal
作者: 黃文哲
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類, 生物技術;應用研究
微生物發酵法長久以來已廣泛應用於豆類發酵食品,可有效去除大豆所含之抗營養因子, 例如過敏性蛋白質及脹氣物質等, 以提高大豆營養價值。新近的研究亦顯示應用發酵豆類於幼畜飼料,具有降低下痢疾及提高飼料效率之功能。本研究團隊在先前的研究中, 已由發酵食品篩選出具有高α-galactosidase及protease酵素活性之乳乳酸及麴菌, 應用於豆粕發酵試驗可有效降解豆粕中的過敏性蛋白質及脹氣物質。為能降低豆科種實類之抗營養因子及有效提高其利用率, 本計畫擬選擇具有高酵素活性的乳酸菌 Lactobacillus casei L-21 及麴菌 Aspergillus oryzae 分離菌株, 探討其最適之菌元培養條件及保存條件, 以應用於發酵豆粕飼料之生產。

Microbial fermentation have been widely used in fermented soybean foods for long time with the benefits of removing the antimicrobial compounds in soybean, e.g. antigenic proteins and flatulence producing factors, and enhancing their nutrition value. Microbial fermentation have also been used in animal soybean meal and shown the beneficial in the control of diarrhea and enhancing the feed efficiency in young animal in recently years. In previous study, our research group has isolated several bacterial and fungal strains with the high enzymatic activity of α-galactosidase and protease. Fermented soybean meal by these isolates has demonstrated to have significant degradation of antigenic proteins and flatulence producing factors. In this project, we will use Lactobacillus casei L-21 and Aspergillus oryzae as the selected isolates to study the optimum culture conditions for the production and preservation of bacterial and fungal starters and apply them to the production of fermented soybean meals.
其他識別: 95農科-5.1.3-牧-U1(11)
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