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標題: Inhibitory Effect of Mesona Procumbens on Hepatic Fibrosis in Rats
作者: 顏國欽
關鍵字: 應用研究;食品科技, 肝炎防治
根據衛生署報告指出慢性肝病及肝硬化為國人重要死亡原因。肝纖維化為一種慢性可回復的肝臟組織修復的機制,是慢性肝病之重要病徵,其成因則與長期性的發炎有關,而流行病學調查發現嚴重的肝損傷更會提升肝癌發生的機率。近年來研究指出細胞外基質的大量累積是導致肝纖維化的主因,因此如何減緩發炎反應的擴大、移除刺激原以及促進基質的降解乃是主要的策略。許多傳統之草本植物具有抑制纖維結締組織的增生或減緩發炎反應等功效而被使用在預防或治療肝纖維化的食用藥材。仙草(Mesona procumbens Hemsl.)為一種富含凝膠性多醣之草本植物,民間偏方認為仙草具有廣泛之保健功效,包含抗發炎、抑制肝病、降血壓等效果。本實驗室之研究成果證實仙草萃取物中所含有之多酚類化合物具有抗氧化效力,以及抑制H2O2及UV-C所引起之淋巴球 DNA 損傷效應。由動物實驗結果中更證實了仙草萃取物及其活性成分咖啡酸具有降低活體內氧化壓力,進而達到降低血壓的功效。然而,對於仙草在活體內之抑制肝纖維化之研究則尚無文獻可循。基於此,本計畫擬以四氯化碳誘導慢性肝損傷之模式,探討仙草萃取物及其有效成分抑制肝纖維化之作用及可能機制。

Based on the report from Department of Health, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis are the major causes of death of the country. Hepatic fibrosis is a chronic and reversible mechanism of the wound-healing response, which results in the chronic damage of liver, and is involved in the long-term inflammation. Epidemiological studies showed that serious hepatic damage promoted the morbidity of liver cancer. Currently, reports suggested the principle cause of hepatic fibrosis is the accumulation of extracellular matrix, and the strategy is to inhibit hepatic fibrosis by retarding the extension of inflammation, and to remove injurious stimuli and to promote the degradation of matrix. Traditional Chinese medicinal herbs were used for inhibition of fibrosis progression or suppression of inflammation. Mesona procumbens Hemsl., also called Hsian-Tsao in China, is a traditional herb that rich in polysaccharide. It is also used as an herbal remedy in the folk medicine in China and is effective against inflammation, liver disease and hypertension. In our previous studies, we found that phenolic compounds extracted form Hsian-tsao significantly contributed to the antioxidant activity and could inhibit H2O2 and UV-C-induced DNA damage in human lymphocyte. In addition, extract of Hsian-tsao and its active compounds, caffeic acid, were found to exhibit the ability on the decrease of antioxidant stress and showed anti-hypertension efficacy. However, there are fewer researches about the inhibitory effect of Hsian-Tsao on hepatic fibrosis. Therefore, in the present study, we try to evaluate the antifibrotic effect of extracts from Hsian-Tsao in the model of chronic hepatic fibrosis induced by CCl4, and the efficacy of different strains and the bioactive compounds. Furthermore, the possible mechanisms involved in antifibrotic effect of Hsian-Tsao would also be examined.
其他識別: 95農科-10.1.5-糧-Z1(1)
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