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標題: 仙草應用於保健產品之開發
Development of Hsian-Tsao Application in Functional Food
作者: 顏國欽
關鍵字: 應用研究;食品科技
近年來回顧性文章廣泛提及藥物所導致肝損傷的問題與預防,而依據衛生署的報告指出慢性肝病及肝硬化為國人重要的死亡原因。因此肝臟疾病的危害對人類健康是非常重要的。本研究的仙草(Mesona procumbens Hemsl.)為一種富含凝膠性多醣與機能性成分之草本植物,民間偏方認為仙草具有廣泛之保健功效,包括抗發炎、抑制肝病與降血壓等效果。基於此,本研究是著重於仙草保健食品之新產品開發、抗氧化活性、保肝效果與安全性評估。期望由此結果能應用於仙草保健食品之開發。

The problems in predicting and preventing drug-related idiosyncratic liver damage have been addressed extensively in recent review articles. Based on the report from Department of Health, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis are the major causes of death of the country. Therefore, the risks of liver diseases were very important to human health. In this study, Mesona procumbens Hemsl., also called Hsian-Tsao, is a traditional herb that rich in polysaccharide and functional compounds. It is also used as an herbal remedy in the folk medicine in China and is effective against inflammation, liver disease and hypertension. In the present study, we will focus on the development of new Hsian-Tsao health food products with the evaluations of antioxidant activity, hepatoprotective effect and safety. The results might have further application in the development of Hsian-Tsao health food.
其他識別: 95農科-10.1.5-糧-Z3
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