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標題: 台灣特產酸味酵頭的篩選、保存及乾鮮(active dry)酸味酵頭粉(instant sourdough starter powder)製備技術的探討
Preservation and Production of Selected Active Dry Instant Sourdough Starter Powder from Taiwan'S Speciality of Fruits and Vegetables
作者: 傅以中
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究
(1)從台灣特產蔬果中篩選具蔬果香味的天然酵母,(2)額外接種乳酸菌與益生菌並(3)利用傳統發酵及乾燥製程科技,以保存及製備乾鮮(active dry)即用酸味酵頭粉(instant sourdough starter powder),開發具有特殊風味及機能性的傳統中式米、麵食產品的現代化技術

Use of sourdough has been reported to improve bread flavor, volume and shelf life. The aim of this study is designed:
(1)to select the natural yeasts and lactic acid bacteria from fruits and vegatables with special aroma from Taiwan's speciality; (2) to add extra probiotic lactic acid bacterium to form right aroma and improve the acidity; and (3) to use traditional fermentation and freeze dry techniques to preserve sourdiugh starter and make active dry instant sourdough starter freeze-dried powder.
其他識別: 95農科-10.1.4-糧-Z1(8)
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