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標題: 樟芝基因晶片於生產製程之品管及產品開發
Quality Control and Product Exploitation of Antrodia Cinnamomea by Dna Microarray
作者: 蕭介夫
關鍵字: 生物技術;樟芝;Antrodia cinnamomea;基因晶片;品系鑑定;基因表現;應用研究;Microarray;Strain Identification;Gene Expression
Chang-Zhi (Antrodia cinnamomea) is an endemic fungal species grown in Taiwan. A. cinnamomea has been reported to have many bioactivities, including anticancer and immunomodulating activities. However, the species is restricted to Cinnamomum kanehirai Hay (Lauraceae) and cannot be large-scale cultivated artificially until now. Consequently, it is becoming important to yield effective products by artificial cultivation. In our current investigation, we have completed the establishment of two complementary DNA (cDNA) libraries from RNA isolated from liquid-cultured mycelia and fruit bodies of A. cinnamomea. Patterns of protein expression in liquid-cultured mycelia and fruit bodies of A. cinnamomea were investigated using two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. In addition, the preparation of DNA microarray is proceeding now. Thus, the strain identification and differential expression will be analyzed by DNA microarray technology. And the molecular marker system of Antrodia camphorata will be established to control the quality of the products. In addition, we will clone the related genes to polysaccharides and triterpene synthesis. Coupling with metabolomics, proteomics, microarray analysis, transformation system and bioinformatics, we hope in the future to explore the genes, which involved in the biosynthesis of biologically effective metabolites. We believe that the results obtained in this study would provide the useful technology and develop solid science based health products in the future.

樟芝(Antrodia cinnamomea),是臺灣特有之珍貴藥用菌種,目前為止,已有一些研究論文報導指出,樟芝具有抗癌或調節免疫等多方面之活性。此外,由於它僅生長於保育類牛樟的中空心材內壁上,然而,在野生樟芝子實體數量日益不足的情況下,以有效的人工培養,即為目前研究開發之重要工作。目前,本實驗室除已建構完成樟芝菌絲體與子實體表現序列標籤(Expressed Sequence Tags, ESTs)之基因庫及其表現差異之蛋白質體學分析外,目前已開始從事晶片之製作。因此,本研究計畫未來將可提供產業進行樟芝品系的鑑定、分析不同發酵階段基因表現的情形,進而建立分子標記、品管產品之有效性,除此之外,本研究計畫亦將選殖有效成分(可能為多醣類與三萜類等)生合成等之相關基因,期望未來在代謝體學、基因晶片、轉殖技術及生物資訊學等配合下,尋找與樟芝生長分化和有效二次代謝物生合成有關之基因表現,並可開發具科學基礎之保健產品。
其他識別: 95農科-6.2.1-科-a6
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