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標題: Fermentation and Product Development of Recombinant Ling Zhi Immunomodulatory Protein
作者: 葉娟美
關鍵字: 應用研究;生物技術
Ling Zhi8 (LZ8)為靈芝當中的一種小分子蛋白質,具有免疫調節功能,可運用於醫藥或保健食品。本研究室先前設計、合成靈芝免疫調節蛋白新穎性基因,並成功於安全級宿主枯草桿菌、食品級宿主乳酸菌中大量表現;並提高其產量。表現之重組靈芝免疫調節蛋白具有免疫調節功能。本計畫中將改進表現系統之安全性,建立表現系統之小量發酵條件及濃縮或凍乾流程條件。選擇一最符合工業化生產之系統,進行大量發酵產品開發及安全性動物實驗。以應用於保健食品及醫藥界。

Ling Zhi8(LZ8)is a immunomodulatory protein of Ganoderma lucidum. The biological function of LZ8 enables the LZ8 to apply in healthy food industry. We previously designed and synthesized a novel Ganoderma lucidium immunomodulatory protein LZ8 gene and expressed the recombinant LZ8 extracellularly in GRAS Bacillus subtilis and food grade Lactococcus lactis hosts. The productivities were improved to high levels and the expressed rLZ8 were all exhibited immunomodulatory biologically function. In this project, the safety of these expression systems will improved . The small scale fermentation, membrane concentration or freeze dry conditions will be preceded to evaluate a proper system for industry production. The large scale fermentation concentrates will subject to safety tests and develop into various froms of healthy food.
其他識別: 97農科-1.1.3-牧-U3
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