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標題: 94年度大學學術追求卓越發展延續計畫成果發表會(植物病毒前瞻性的研究)
作者: 徐堯煇
關鍵字: 植物保護類, 生物技術;基礎研究;program for promoting academic excellence of universities;大學學術追求卓越發展延續計畫;植物病毒;研討會;plant virology;symposium
Our research team started a project, Frontier Research in Plant Virology, under theprogram for promoting academic excellence of universities in April 94. According tothe program assessment set for this program, we are planning an internationalsymposium titled on Frontir Researches in Plant Virology held on Sep, 98. Thissymposium aims to publicize our research breakthroughs and major achievements andinteracts with the researchers in the fields. Four well-known plant virologists in theworld will be invited to attend this meeting. We are requesting 300,000 NTD to partlycover this symposium.

其他識別: NSC97-3012-P005-001
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