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標題: Evolutionary Studies on Unique Proteins of Oil Bodies in Plant Seeds and Pollens
作者: 曾志正
關鍵字: 食品科技;基礎研究;油體;油體膜蛋白;油體鈣蛋白;花粉;種子
In the past fifteen years, our group worked on unique oil-body proteins under the support of NSC grants. Seed oil bodies contain a triacylglycerol matrix surrounded by a layer of phospholipids and unique proteins. Three classes of oil body proteins termed oleosin, caleosin, and steroleosin have been identified in sesame oil bodies. Isoforms were found in oleosins (H and L forms) of angiosperm species. In this proposal, we plan to investigate the evolution of oil-body proteins. In the first year, we intend to detect oil-body proteins from the embryo and alurone layer of rice seeds. Our preliminary results show that oil bodies isolated from the alurone layer of rice seeds seem to be lack of caleosin. The data may indicate, for the first time, that caleosin is absent in plant oil bodies. In the second year, we intend to clone the corresponding genes for the two putative L-oleosin isoforms found in seed oil bodies of pine. The expected results may provide the evidence for the splitting of oleosin-H from oleosin-L in evolution. In the third year, we intend to clone and sequence genes encoding putative oil-body proteins from cycad pollens. We recently demonstrate that caleosin, but not oleosin, is present as the major protein in oil bodies of cycad seeds. Our preliminary results show that oleosin is present in oil bodies of cycad pollens. The expected data may show that oleosin occurs first in pollen instead of seed during the evolution. In a word, we expect to provide more experimental evidence for the evolution of oil-body proteins.

本研究室過去十五年於國科會計畫長期支持下從事植物油體特有蛋白質之研究。油體構造是一團三酸甘油酯包在一層磷脂質內,此磷脂質層鑲滿豐富的構造蛋白質叫油體膜蛋白(oleosin)及二種微量蛋白質名為油體鈣蛋白(caleosin)與油體固醇蛋白(steroleosin)。被子植物種子油體膜蛋白有兩個同功蛋白(oleosin-H and -L)。本計畫擬繼續研究油體蛋白質的演化關係。第一年擬比較水稻兩種富含油體組織(胚與糊粉層)上所含之蛋白質的差異與其可能的生理意義。初步成果顯示糊粉層油體並無油體鈣蛋白,很可能是自然界中,第一次發現不含油體鈣蛋白的植物油體。第二年擬篩選定序松子(裸子植物)油體上兩個可能是油體膜蛋白之對應基因。初步成果顯示松子油體可能含有兩個L型油體膜蛋白,有可能是種子演化上很接近H型油體膜蛋白從L型油體膜蛋白衍生出來的起點。第三年擬篩選定序蘇鐵花粉油體中之特有蛋白質對應基因。本研究室近年研究確定蘇鐵種子油體主要含油體鈣蛋白,並不含油體膜蛋白;初步成果顯示蘇鐵花粉油體中可能含油體膜蛋白,演化上,油體膜蛋白很可能先出現於花粉而非種子。總之,期許本計畫研究提供更多證據,推論油體蛋白質的演化關係。
其他識別: NSC100-2313-B005-015-MY3
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